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Every year, Nikofarm introduces into

its cages 1.5 million fry, which weigh

2 grams, on average,to fatten and package

them and, subsequently, sell its products

in Greece and abroad.

The fattening process of the fish follows the pace of their natural growth rate, without haste. Fish breeding lasts 18-24 months, each time, before the products reach the consumer.

The fish are bred in big cages and their number

 per cubic meter (fish density) is exceptionally low.

 Therefore our fish grow as if they lived in the open sea.

Its financial and administrative independence always enables Nikofarm to freely select raw material of the highest quality, without compromise or concession. We select fry and fish food very carefully and always demand the appropriate quality certificates imposed by European Union legislation.

The water temperature in this area remains comparatively low and, in summer, does not exceed 26°C. Therefore, it is feasible to breed species which prefer lower temperatures, such as the sea bass. We also breed two other species: dorado and meagre.

The entire process is constantly monitored by a team of conscientious staff, led by an experienced ichthyologist. Pavlos Nikolaou himself works at the fish farm daily and so does his son Harris, who started working with his father, on a permanent basis, in 2009, when he graduated from the department of Business Administration and Management at the University of Piraeus.

The packaging facilities have received

an HACCP certification

( No: GR12S13 EEC)

As the packaging facilities

are near the cages,

 the fish reach them promptly,

 straight from the sea.

More than 15 tons of fish can

be packaged in every way the

customer desires within 24 hours

and can be stored in ice-chambers

until the process is completed.

Within only a few hours, fresh fish can reach

 every port in the country, such as Piraeus,

 Patras and Igoumenitsa, all the fish-piers

 as well as Eleftherios Venizelos Athens

 Airport for export and air transport,

 through a network of co operators

 such as

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Nikofarm aquaculture constantly

aims at top product quality so that

customers can always enjoy fresh,

healthy and delicious fish.

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